POS is a computer system (hardware and software) that facilitates much of the sales process. Nowadays cash registers are being used less and less for this type of process. TPVs are being used more and more in hospitality as much in bars and restaurants as in cafes. They are also being used in clothing shops, food shops, hairdresser’s and every type of establishment that needs a certain type of organization.

A Point of Sale or POS refers to the technology that lets you manage the sales process:

  • The bills
  • The receipts
  • The purchases
  • The sales

Do not mistake POS with a data phone device. We will explain the difference now!

Like we said in the previous point, do not confuse a data phone with a POS system. A data phone is a device that is used in a commercial establishment or shop and lets customers pay with credit and debit cards.

  • A card chip reader or magnetic band reader

  • A printer for receipts

  • A connection system through a telephone line or Internet. In addition to these functions, a data phone connects online to a financial entity the moment the client makes a payment.

The key to the success of the POSs and data phones has been the increase in the use of paying by credit card. It is a convenient way of shopping and you do not need to carry money on you.

It is a handheld computer that is usually the size of a mobile or smartphone. Its goal is to help a trader manage their business. In fact, the acronym PDA means Personal Digital Assistant. Like we said, they are the size of a mobile and con do similar functions. Since they have an internet connection, they let you organize your agenda and other types of work-related tasks. You have seen these devices many times. For example, when a package is delivered to home and you have to sign on a screen to validate that it has arrived.

But they are much more useful than you think. They can be used to collect data, they allow you to control and keep your inventory updated from wherever you want.

Everybody has heard of and used the acronym POS, but not everybody knows what it means. POS is an acronym that means Point of sale and it refers to Point of Sale devices. There is a lot of confusion because POS devices are often called data phones, which are used for payments in shops.

POSs are the technology and computer systems that allow you to manage the entire sales process. From the sales receipts generated for customers to the closing of the till. Everything can be managed simply since each product is given a reference code. In this way, you can take all the necessary steps to manage your business.

The advantages of a POS are endless, but let us explain some of them here:

  • A POS makes the accounting process easier and more enjoyable, since it is possible to link the lists that you make with accounting programs.
  • A POS can control your entire inventory, which is not possible with a cash register.
  • With a POS you will be able to review information from previous quarters and years much more quick and intuitively than with a cash register.
  • Whatever problem that arises with a customer can be resolved quickly since you also have the option to see the date and the amount of the article in question. There will be detailed information about the articles, as well.
  • Reduce human errors since the process is computerized. Everything is recorded to avoid any mistakes.
  • The best thing about the POS system is that it allows you to link with other devices that control other processes besides the sale. For example, in hospitality it allows you to connect with mobile ordering systems, data phones, kitchen monitors, printers and all kinds of tools linked to the POS.
  • As you know, social networks and marketing in general are increasingly important in squeezing all of the juice out of your business. So POS allows you to create a customer loyalty system in order to make marketing strategies and thus increase your sales.

In summary, POS software for hospitality or shops allows you to manage your business in a more informed way. This will enable your customers to have a better shopping experience.

Data phone is a generic way of saying POS, but this isn’t correct. A data phone is a device that is used by an establishment to allow customers to pay by credit card. However, POS is the software that takes care of managing the entire sales process and management of an establishment. From the moment you receive a product (food, clothes, whatever is sold in that establishment) to the sale of the product (which is done through a data phone which is connected to the entire POS system) until the closing of the till. This entire sale cycle, both by the seller and by the customer, can be managed through a POS terminal.

Everyone has heard of POS and seems to know what it is, but not everyone knows how it works. It is a lot easier and more intuitive than you think! We must differentiate between two types of POS.


POS compact: on a POS compact all elements are integrated on the same device. That is to say, you have the screen, the keyboard, a printer for receipts and a cash register all in the same place. One of its advantages is that it saves space.

POS Modular: It looks like the computer that you have in your home, since it has several elements that are connected separately. For example, it allows the use of the POS in a portable way with a tablet that is connected to the POS through Wifi or Bluetooth. So we call it a POS touchscreen because you can control all processes with your fingers, in a way that is simple.

  • Print receipts
  • Manage sales
  • Open and close the till.
  • Manage a database.
  • Pricelits and prices.
  • Statistics.

Nowadays the customer is increasingly more informed, not only because he always brings a mobile to your business, but also because people are paying by credit card more and more, and they require more personalized service. Do you still have the same cash register that you have had all your life? Not only are POSs are indispensable for good service to the public, but they are also an essential part of your team. It is a tool that allows you to manage all of the processes of your business. And all without clueless mistakes that can be made through not digitalizing your business.

If you have always used a cash register and you have not digitalized, then you are not taking advantage of your business 100%. Internet, social networks, everything is advancing at the speed of light and your business cannot be the exception. If you want to have integral and automatic management of everything that happens in your restaurant, we recommend that you use Agora POS because in addition to being able to get hold of a data phone, which is the device used when customers pay, you can also get all the advantages of a system that will provide you with integral management for your business and for your team.

Contracting a POS for your hospitality business or shops is very easy. You can call directly to the telephone number 915333839 or if you prefer you can go to our webpage www.agorapos.com.

If you are still using a cash register in your business, we have good news for you. Now it is easier than ever before to digitalize and get more out of your business whether it is in hospitality or shops in general. If you use a POS Terminal, you will save yourself from a bad experience with an unbalanced till or any other bad experiences that only happen when you do not have a business that is 100% digitalized.


There are many reasons to stop using a cash register.

  • A cash register works very slowly. It is true that you are already used to it, but what you are missing is having true management over your business.
  • How it is difficult to balance the till, and how sometimes you think that someone is stealing from you.
  • It is difficult to know how much each dish costs and what profits you are getting.
  • Unless you spend all day in your shop, you do not know if it is successful. With the system of MyAgora, you will be able to know what is happening in your business all the time. Yes, from your mobile you will have complete control.

A good POS should have all of the indispensable features to enable you manage your business in an integral way. These are the principles:

  • That it allows you integrate various shops at the same time, in such a way that you do not have to use different POSs and you do not have to waste your valuable time relearning how each of your businesses works.
  • It is very important that the POS is tactile so that everyone can handle your processes in an intuitive way.
  • A security system for every user that has a password. It is basic that you can make each user have access to a certain area. And you, of course, to all areas.
  • Automated invoice creation.
  • Create gift cards.
  • Variety of sessions, work shifts and tills.
  • Cash up at all kinds of levels.
  • Delivery on account management.
  • Automated invoices depending on amounts, payment methods, number of receipts, stock and other necessities.
  • Cash control with income and expenses.

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