Main functions

Customer management

Nobody knows a customer better than you, but we help you get to know them even better. You will have deliveries, bills, sales history, pricelists, promotions, orders…. Reinforce customer loyalty.

Catalogue management

In your house, you give the orders. Manage families, major groups, categories, stock, sales prices, costs, margines and so much more.

Promotional offers

You can easily create automatic and programmed offers and promotions on whatever you want, whenever you want.

Bar codes

Do you have thousands of products? Do not worry, everything will be coded for sale, location, traceability and inventory control through our automated identification system using bar codes.

Sale by weight

Do you only have scales for sales in your establishment? You can continue using them, we will complement your scales with our Agora system so you have combined and complete solution.

Employees management

Proper management of employees will help you improve productivity. You cannot be everywhere at once! Agora helps your keep control over every employee and their permissions. You can also have the mandatory time control record of when your employees start and end their shifts.

Bank cards

We integrate data phones through a card processor, saving time when the bill is paid, avoiding transaction errors and giving an all-in-one receipt which includes both the bill and the bank transaction. It also reduces the time it takes to balance the till.

Cash management

Controlling cash is very important. You can feel confident that your till is always balanced, avoiding unknown cash loss and saving time when you balance the till at the end of the day.

Main functions

Stock control

Do you know the costs of your products? Do you send orders through WhatsApp? Do you not control stock deliveries? All of this will be easier than making a client a cup of coffee. Manage orders from suppliers, stock deliveries, bills, inventories, product loss and you will get performance results in an instant.


Do you sell to businesses? Besides selling to the public you have recurring customer orders, do not worry! You can generate delivery notes and create bills for all your orders served in a way that is easy to manage. You can even get all the statistics on your B2B customers.

Economic analysis

Are you doing it well? Could you do it better? You will not miss out on financial expertise because you will now be the expert thanks to the reports you receive from Agora.

Multiplatform access

You can manage your hospitality establishments because you can connect from wherever you are and from whatever device, whether it is iOS, Android or Windows, our management is completely web-based. You will not have to use the POS, nor do you have to be in remote contact with the same POS device that your employees are using.

Discover all of the tools that Ágoraoffers

If you have more than one business, a franchise or a group of establishments, you can rest easy because with Agora you can manage everything from only one database. You will use the same web-based tools for everything, saving time and with the ability to see all the sales information in real time from all your businesses. It is never been so easy to expand your business into new opportunities with our centralization tools.


Designing a label has never been easier. With Agora you can design any type of label for products. It is easy and fast to label new products that enter your establishment.


If you have or make food products, you are required to register the batches. This is possible with Agora! Not only can you register the batch entry, but you can also do the exit if you are a manufacturer of food products.

There are times when you have to leave your business, talk with suppliers, connect with social media, prepare and new menu or whatever emergency you may have. Our staff will always be at your side. MyAgora will also be a thermometer to show your sales in real time. Your business, always on your mobile.


Agora does not work alone. We are open to collaborations with other sales applications (ERP’s, bookkeeping, loyalty systems, booking systems, etc.)


Manage the entry of goods, inventories, stock from your mobile! You cannot tell us it is not a piece of cake.

Current labor laws require a register of employee timesheets. Bars and restaurants are no exception, so Agora makes it easy for you. Your employees can clock in and clock out from a POS.


You have enough to manage your business. Every movement that is made will be registered, you can consult information between specific dates, by employee, filter line cancelations, receipts, returns, discounts, the opening and closing of the till, etc. With this tool, you will have complete control.

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